Amending vector map artwork from Osmarender

I’ve been playing with Osmarender in an effort to generate vector map artwork for a design project. The map needs to have different visual styling from the way Open Streetmap looks and also will lack things like street names and bus stops which are not relevant outside the navigation context for which OSM’s maps are primarily intended.

The Osmarender SVG forms one step of the conversion process from raw information collected on the ground and the presentation of maps online at For me, one problem has been the close tailoring of this transformation to the visual style used in Open Streetmap’s map images. Various ruses are used to create an image that suits a web interface; these are not so beneficial when working with vector data because they tend to exploit the fact that the final images will be seen at a pre-determined and fixed resolution.

After deleting quite a lot of stuff, and latterly separating the land use, waterways, routes and labels, I think I might be getting somewhere. I will post the modified rules files and stylesheet if I do make things work. I can see that I will still have to tidy up the files in a vector editor at the end – but of course OSM is permanently under revision, which implies errors in the data as well as acknowledging that features on the ground will change.

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