A first impression of Drupal 7

I’ve been hearing from coworkers that Drupal 7 is a leap ahead in several respects, one being its user interface. I’ve used Drupal only once before, back at version 5, and found that the combination of a complex UI and entirely unfamiliar terminology was quite daunting. Although I also learned that it had a very friendly and active community, that wasn’t enough to make me stick around.

I’ve just stuck a Drupal 7 install onto my machine and I am truly struck by the clarity that better typography and a less cluttered interface design can bring. It does however make the very idiosyncratic terminology and approach stand out in sharp relief. I hope the other changes have made it easier to pick up than it was a few years back; it is very brave to offer so much flexibility through an in-browser interface aimed at non-specialists.

Edit: added link (duh). Drupal is somewhere between a website-in-a-box and a full coding framework, by the way.

Published on 11/02/2011 at 22:07 by Technophile, tags , ,

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